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Backward Design is a somewhat contemporary approach to organizing and planning curriculum and/or lessons. Simply put, it forces a focus on the real goals, objectives (SLO), and learning targets as both the assessment of instruction AND the starting point for planning. While this seems to be a very simple and practical practice that instructors are actually doing already, it is far rarer than most of us assume.

This workshop seeks to help participants develop a personalized working approach that integrates the most effective aspects of Backward Design into their own teaching. Moreover, there is general agreement (from cognitive science) about the process by which “deep understanding” occurs in diverse learners and this process will be included as a central component of the session. In effect, participants will be using Backward Design to construct effective instruction that meets clearly stated objectives of their courses.

By the end of the session, participants will:

  1. explain the major steps of Backward Design as applied to a specific piece of content that s/he teaches;
  2. design multiple instructional pathways and practices that would help students learn and meet specific objectives;
  3. explain their new plans in terms of the scholarly evidence supporting the learning  process.
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
2:10pm - 3:40pm
St. Vincent's Hall, Room 305
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