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HIS 199 (Section E) - Risk

I'm teaching HIS 199 (Section E) again this spring semester and I'm assigning them a short research paper. Would it be possible to schedule a library session on Thursday, March 23, starting at 4:20? The class meets from 4:20-7:05, but if you or another librarian could only meet, say, from 4:20 till 5:00 or 5:15, I could take the students out to the regular computers and hold a mentoring session as they research and write their papers. 

I'm attaching the assignment. It seems simple enough, but many of these students are from the CoB and the CoH&T and have no idea how to conduct historical research or use library systems. I don't mean to patronize, it's just what I've observed over the years. I've also decided this year to assign the topics, because too many of them try to recycle papers from other classes (How many papers have I seen about Walt Disney from CoH&T students? Or papers about the 1980 US hockey team directly pulled from the Disney film?). 

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Thursday, March 23, 2017
4:20pm - 5:15pm

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Jonathan Coe