Please make sure that you are booking rooms for times when the Library is open. 

  • Only current NU students may use these rooms for the purpose of studying. 
  • You may reserve up to 2.5 hours of room space per day (five 30-minute time slots). You can stay in a room longer if no one else has booked it.
  • Rooms can be reserved starting in the next time slot. For example, if it is 10:15am, you can reserve for 10:30am. Not a problem, of course, if you are already in the room at 10:15am. This is in place so that someone can't book a room the exact minute you are sitting in it. But when you are planning on staying in an empty room, remember to reserve it, otherwise someone else could.
  • You can book a room up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Since access to these rooms needs to be maximized, you cannot sign up for the same room, same time period day after day.